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Eye Care near Olive Hill, KY

Going to the eye doctor should always be a pleasant experience, and that’s exactly what you'll get at Grayson Optical. From routine eye exams and corrective lenses to emergency care and eye disorder treatments, our team is here to take care of you. Let our family-owned and operated practice make your health a priority. Read more about our services below!

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Dedicated to providing complete family eye care, we’ll ensure your next routine or back-to-school eye exam is a breeze. After conducting a wide range of tests, including glaucoma, visual acuity, and refraction tests, we’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your eye health. Routine eye exams will catch issues early, and we’ll create a treatment plan designed with your best interests in mind.

Need Glasses or Contacts?

If your prescription has changed or you’re a first-time wearer of contact lenses, we’re here to help. As the leading family eye care provider in the area, Grayson Optical has a variety of brands to choose from, including Ray-Ban®, to find the perfect fit. Whether you want the convenience of contacts, a bold pair of frames, glass cleaners, or contact solution, our practice has everything you need. 

Same-Day Services

At our center, we always strive to improve the patient experience. Because we have an in-house lab, we offer same-day services, so you'll always leave our center with your new pair of glasses or contact lenses. No long wait times, no inconvenience. 
Optician doctors together
An optometrist providing eye care near Olive Hill, KY

LASIK Consultations, Referrals, & Post-Op Care

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts? We understand the decision to undergo LASIK is a big one, and our family eye care center is here to help you. First, you’ll receive a thorough consultation to see if you’re the right fit, and then we’ll refer you to a specialist in the area if you are. We’ll handle the cataract post-op care with personalized follow-up visits to ensure you’re healing properly.


✔ Routine Eye Exams, ✔ Back-to-School Eye Exams, ✔ Medical Eye Exams, ✔Same-Day Services,  ✔ Repairs & Replacements, ✔ Hard & Soft Contact Lenses, ✔ Contact Lens Fitting, ✔ Eye Disorder Treatments,  ✔ Glaucoma & Other Visual Disorder,   ✔ Emergency Care,  ✔ Lasik Consultations, ✔ Referrals, & Post-Op Care


✔ Ray-Ban, ✔ Wiley-X, ✔ Polo, ✔ Guess,  ✔ Harley-Davidson, ✔ Fossil, ✔ Lilly Pulitzer, ✔ Liz Claiborne, ✔ Kate Spade,  ✔ Vogue, ✔ Vera Bradley & more!

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